150+ Pre-built Active Directory Reports & Management Tool

A Complete Active Directory Reporting Solution

Getting meaningful Active Directory reports from the complex Active Directory logs, using the native tools or scripts is quite a herculean task.

ADManager Plus's Reports, besides being unbelievably simple and easy, present the best of both worlds: comprehensive and comprehendible.

With more than 150 detailed out-of-the-box reports covering every vital area of Active Directory, just think of any AD report that you will need and it is bound to be pre-packaged with ADManager Plus. And you can export the generated reports in a number of standard formats like csv, html, excel or pdf.

AD reporting that is simple and can assist in AD management too!!

ADManager Plus takes Active Directory Reporting to a whole new level and also makes it a whole lot easier with pre-built reports that are exhaustive, customizable and comprehendible.

ADManager Plus’s reports can also be scheduled to be generated and also sent to multiple users, as email, in any of the multiple formats available.

Not just reporting, with ADManager Plus's 'On-the-fly management' capabilities, you can perform the required management actions or act upon the information in the reports right from the reports, right then and there!

Logon Reports
Password Reports
NTFS Reports
Group Reports
Computer Reports
Compliance Reports
Inactive Users Report
Exchange Reports

Logon Reports: Get the complete information about all the logon activities in your Active Directory with information like the users who have logged in, when they logged etc.

ADManager Plus’s logon reports give you many vital details like:

Users who have logged in during a specific period of time
Users who have never logged in
Users real logon time
Inactive users
Logon hours of users … and so much more.
+ More

ADManager Plus’s password reports help you in proactively ensuring your AD’s security through strong Password policy with vital information like number of failed logons attempts by a user, users whose passwords are about to expire, etc. through password based reports like:

Recently bad logged on users
Users who have to 'change passwords' at next logon.
'Password never expires' Users.
'Password Changed' Users.
Users with expired passwords, etc.
+ More

One of the critical areas of concern for any administrator is the management and monitoring of permissions to network folders, to safeguard them from unauthorized access and unauthorized operations that might cost the organization dearly. ADManager Plus allows you get a complete picture of all the available shares in any specific location, server or path, their corresponding users and also their permissions, through reports like:

All the 'Shares in Servers'
Users/groups with 'access/permissions for folders' in the specified path
All the 'folders which are accessible by the specified accounts/users’.
Folders which have 'non-inheritable' permissions.
+ More

Managing Active Directory groups is an important focus area for any administrator and for efficient group management, an administrator needs to have all possible information about the groups. With ADManager Plus’s pre-built group specific reports, administrators have access to vital information like:

Distribution list members
Detailed group membership.
Nested group members.
Group types and scopes.
Users not in the specified groups.
Empty Groups ...and so many more.
+ More

ADManager Plus's computer reports arm an administrator with all the information that is required to manage the computers in the Active Directory efficiently and effectively, through reports like:

All 'inactive computers' for any specified period of time.
All 'domain controllers' of the domain.
Computers that have been 'trusted for delegation'.
Computers that have been recently created, modified or deleted.
Managed/Unmanaged computers.
All disabled computers, etc.
+ More

With the advent of acts like SOX, HIPAA, adhering to compliance has become mandatory. Fetching all the information required for compliance is quite a tedious process. But ADManager Plus makes fetching all the compliance required data, quite a simple and easy task, with

Compliance specific reports like:

Folder Permission Reports like: Permission for folders, user specific folders, etc.
Object specific permission reports like: permissions for servers or subnets, objects accessible by the specified accounts, non-inheritable objects, etc.
Groups for users, group members, inactive users, locked out users, etc.
+ More

It is imperative to clean up the Active Directory periodically of all inactive users and to do this, ADManager Plus provides the administrators with a complete picture on all the inactive user accounts through the pre-built 'Inactive Users Report' that lists all the inactive users for the specified period of time.

From this report, you can perform cleanup activities, in bulk, like:
Bulk delete of inactive users.
Disable the inactive users, in bulk
Move the inactive user accounts to any specific OU, in bulk.
+ More

ADManager Plus makes reporting on Microsoft Exchange hassle free with pre-packaged Exchange specific reports including Exchange features based reports, distribution based reports, delivery settings based reports like:

Mailbox enabled users.
Users without mailbox.
Members and non-members of distribution lists.
Delivery Settings based reports: Recipient size, sending message size, mailbox size limits, users hidden from Exchange Address Lists, etc.
OMA/OWA based reports POP3 Enabled/disabled, IMAP4 enabled/disabled.
+ More

Highlights of ADManager Plus reports

Reports for every need: Get all vital information about every Active Directory aspect including User Activities, User Status, Computer Status, Group Reports, OU based Reports and Exchange Reports.
Scheduling Reports: ADManager Plus's scheduler enables you to generate the reports exactly when you need them - daily, weekly or monthly!
Exporting reports: ADManager Plus allows you to export the reports in the format you want: CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML, CSVDE.
Customizable: Add or remove columns based on the information you want - get exactly what you want in the way you want.
Compliance Reports: Audit Reports, SOX Reports, NTFS Reports - Generating Audit and Compliance specific reports is now so easy!
Actionable Reports: perform the required management tasks and operations right from the reports, with just clicks!

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We are working under SOX compliance and must provide compliance data from Active Directory. With ADManager Plus, it has become very easy for the IT team to use the Active Directory data, generate multiple reports and also change the attributes in AD. Besides, ADManager Plus’s easy deployment and relatively low cost are certainly impressive.
-- Etai Oren,
   Dor Alon Ltd.
Active Directory reporting was a big challenge. Using ADManager Plus, reporting on all areas around Active Directory has become easier and better and I certainly liked ADManager Plus’s reports, which made me choose ADManager Plus from the available choices.
-- C Gaffney,
   The Bank of Canton.
For monthly reporting and audit purposes, we needed to draw scheduled reports as well as be able to make bulk changes. ADManager Plus has helped us in automating many manual processes, reduced the risk of incorrect reporting formats and has certainly provided the answers that we specifically sought from a reporting and audit perspective. ADManager Plus’s simple deployment and cost effectiveness has been an additional and huge benefit as well.
We evaluated ScriptLogic Active Administrator, Quest AD management tool and ADManager Plus to solve our day-to-day AD management & Reporting needs. ADManager Plus with its high-end features and low-end cost was an obvious choice
-- Meraz Nasir, ITS Manager,
   Interfaith Medical Center.